Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Week Without a Comp!

Well as some of you are aware, I was without a comp this whole week :)  A few days I stayed with the ZLs (Mon. and Wed.) While I was in their area, we ate waffles like you will see :) I loved that and helped a few people get ready for their baptism this week. 

One of our investigators made us waffles!!! With blueberry jam, And yes everything was homemade!! WOW!

These fine young men are Rafael on the left and João Vitor on the right. They were baptized on Sun. This is the same Rafael that asked us to be baptized, after some complications, he was finally able to be baptized.

But how I managed this week. We have a great group of young men in our ward. And I was able to do visits with Diego, Matheus, another Diego, Rogerio. They are all good guys with the intent to serve a mission here soon. 
This is Diego he is a lad in our ward, and he has being doing some splits with me this week. He visited people for 2 whole days with me :) 

In the world of investigators. We have a few.

Gustavo. He is a friend of Diego and has been helping in the church. He loves to play soccer, and that is why he first came to the church. Here soccer has a power to help people accept the gospel. We have taught him a few times, and he likes the church. His dad is a Catholic that doesn't practice but likes to Bible Bash (don't worry we don't Bible Bash in return, but it is difficult to not burn these people ;). :) haha so like everybody. And his mom is a sweet lady that is addicted to coffee. But all is good we will find a way to help this family :) 

Tais. She is "Married" to a less active member. She already received an answer the first time we visited. Which was way cool, she likes the LdM, and is doing her best to raise a 4 year old girl and a 1 month old boy. She needs to marry officially before she can be baptized, and William her mate, is working so that they can be married, it is expensive..

Diorge and his wife. (haha I forgot her name) They are a married folk, that didn’t like us to much when we showed up at their door. We talked to Diorge when he was entering his house one day. We visited and were able to enter. We shared a message and told them to read and pray. We left. The following days we saw Diorge in the street, and he said that he had read and prayed and felt good, we will visit him in the coming days and talk about the waters of baptism. :) 

And for now, that is our list, but we are in the process of finding more :) 

Today I left early for the mission house. Why you ask? To get my new comp. Elder Castro. He is a short time missionary. He lives in São Paulo and is going to be my comp for the next two weeks. He didn't pass through the CTM as this is what they call "curto prazo" I don't have a picture yet, but I promise to have a pic by next week. He is a sweet kid. Who is a little bit shy, but we will work that out of him :) 

And I got to see Elder Aguiar and Corrêa (who are comps) when I went to get my new comp this week :) I had to travel to the mission house, it was along journey : )

Much love to you all, the work is good here in Caucaia :) I love it!!! and will be moving into my house again :) yeah!! haha :) 
Love you all 

Elder Iverson 

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