Monday, April 20, 2015

The Best of Times... The Worst of Times

What a week :) Elder Castro is learning a whole lot, and I am having a blast with the area.

First this week we had a surprise baptism. haha :) Flavia is a sweet lady that the other elders were teaching before I got here. A member of our ward asked what happened to her and I didn't know who it was. So we knocked on her door and talked to her. We started teaching her about baptism. I stop. Is there something stopping you from being baptized?. She said "no". So we went through the commandments, and she was living everything. SO I was like What is stopping you from being baptized this Sunday. And she said. Nothing!!!! :) boo-yah!!! :) so we had the great time to visit her the next day with elder Andrelino, and she passed her interview. We visited the next day with Bishop and it was a great time. And she was baptized on Sunday by Elder Castro!!!! 7 days in the field and the lad is already baptizing :) haha what a stud. It was a triple taker!!!! :) one because we had three baptisms, well the other elders did, and Flavia was dunked three times. The lovely Elder Castro was a little nervous and forgot Amen, and then said something else wrong, but don't worry we were able to baptize her!! :) Good times. 

"The baptism of Flavia, Dont worry she was happy :) "

This week we had a few of the best days, and a few of the worst days in the field. To start out we had 11 new investigators this week. Which was very good:) But to start out With Thursday. We visited some people with our Bishop. Which was a great experience. We visited Tais and William. Who are a couple that will be married in June, that we are helping her be baptized. He is a less active member. I will try to upload a picture of their family. If it uploads. William and Tais. The two on the right side. Wesley on the left is the brother of William. And The lad in Wesley's lap is Robert his nephew. 

Then we went searching for a few people.  WE found Rafael. He is 17 and really excited for his baptism on the 3rd of May. We taught him the word of wisdom, and he didn't have a problem with anything. and he is excited to be baptized. 

Then Friday. Friday was one of the worst days of the mish :) haha but it still wasn't that bad. We didn't enter one house, we walked around in the heat, and just got a whole lot of nothing. Then we went to visit a Reference of a member. This was an experience that I wont forget. We clapped and got a "I don't want anything to do with the Jehovah’s Witnesses”.  But we, "I don't want anything with the JWs" We are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ. "the Mormons? ya same thing. You guys are all cool, and all but tchau"  And everything in that day climbed up. And I had my "I am still an 18-year-old with an attitude moment." haha :) I stomped my feet, and was real ticked. He came running out and was like, Why did you do that? :) hah I was just like "Sorry" haha :) Now I look back and laugh, but I was super angry and had to say a prayer that was very extended to calm down :) 

Then on Sunday we had a great day. We had the baptism and then we ate lunch. Dad have you seen the video that is really old that is a Italian Preacher that finds a BoM, and teaches his people from it? haha it is a great story. Then we were able to work hard and find more people to teach. 

This week I focused a lot on bringing the spirit when I was teaching. I hope that the people that I taught felt that and will have more desire to follow the gospel. :)

Funny story of the week. We taught a couple that was nice. But their son is crazy. He Saw the LdM and started to cry when it wasn't in his hands. He started to crumple it, and at one point eat the LdM and I was like.... oppa !!! I have never seen anyone start to eat the LdM before. And then he finally switched and started to eat a rag :) haha 

Other things. This week we had 2 children give the prayers in sacrament I have not seen that before.

I think Pres is putting me with the tallest Elders on purpose :) haha 

I love you all :) 

Elder Iverson

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