Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caucaia Take 2

Here we go with transfer number 2 here in the lovely city of Caucaia. 
"And the jungle is the norm."

As for the news on the comp. I am still with Elder Castro. Pres called him and asked if he could stay one more. So he is here on a moments notice in the field. It is a short time mission. So he wasn't set apart as a missionary, and he didn't go to the CTM, but he is here in the field with me. And it is a great old time. He is a tall lengthy dude and goofy. He is very smart and is learning more and more about socializing. He had a few difficulties talking to people, but we are working through that. He is a great kid, and learning all about the mission. He is a thinker and at times complicates the problem, but all is well. It is a little different for me. I just want to go go go go. And not think a whole lot, and he wants to sit and think about it. Which is good, I need to learn more of that. :)

But for the week last p-day I made a mean chicken stroganoff. (which I learned to do last week) it turned out really well :) 

This week I had the opportunity to have an old lady run away from me. We did a contact with her in the city, she said "I'm catholic" and walked away. And when we were visiting a person she saw us, and ran in the other direction. And when I say ran. I mean, she did the old lady shuffle run away :) haha it was hilarious. 

Also close to our house there is a church that is funny. One day we were passing returning to our house and the Pastor was yelling "Glory to God Hallelujah" repeatedly. And in the middle of the "Glories" he would say stuff like "You that came to the house of God with a cell phone, turn it off" and back to "Glory to God" haha and then he said it again. "Turn off the cell phone, Glory to God :) " haha it was a good time. 

This week Caucaia had a blackout. We were walking in the street, heard a "Zuum" and all the lights went out. It stayed like that for 4 hours. And on top of that our water is running out, and it is rare to have water enough to take a shower. :) but we are taking a shower don’t worry. 

Yesterday I confirmed Flavia. She is such a sweet spirit and looking forward to the many Sundays of church in her future. 

As for the other investigators. We have Adriano and Maria and Eline. A family that is incredible. We got a reference from the temple for Adriano who is 23. We went there the first time and taught the Restoration.  The spirit was strong, and we were able to get our message across. When it came to the part to talk about the LdM. Adriano loved it. He took the LdM and said he would read.  We gave the introduction to read and left. This was Dom. on Saturday we returned, and oh my WORD!!. The lad had read until 1 nephi 8, watched the film Joseph Smith The prophet of the Restoration, and loved it. And not only that he started to explain to his mom (Maria) and sister (Eline) with a big grin on his face. He said that for sure he would be in church. And he came, and loved it!!. It is so neat to see someone that the Lord is preparing to receive the gospel. He is awesome!!!!!

Also we are teaching a guy named Cosmir. He is a stud. He is a 40 year old separated from his wife, and he loves the LdM and Bible. When we told him about it he loved it. He loves to follow along in the Bible, and the LdM he already started to mark the things that he liked :) he is incredible. 

We have a few more people that we are teaching, but that is the ups of the Caucaia area this week. And yes there will be more good news to come. Because Elder D Todd Christofferson will be in SP on the first!!!!!!!! and guess who gets to hear him speak!!!!! SP West!!!!!!! It will be awesome!!!!!! SO wait for the good things that will happen this week :) And it is crazy that it is already May. 

As for the Scriptures, I started the Bible and will read it cover to cover :) it is awesome all the stories that the bible has. I am learning a lot !!!

A good week for you all :) 

Much love :)

Elder Iverson.

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