Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

Well the week was different.

To start out Elder Aguiar was having a hard time. He was feeling sick and stressed out a lot. So Tuesday Pres. came to our District meeting. He interviewed Elder Aguiar at the start and interviewed two more elders. He then came in and said "I will take Elder Aguiar with me and Elder Andrelino will be the new DL". WHAT?! haha so my comp left, and a funny story he is now in Morumbi with Elder Corrêa :) haha but I was left without a comp. SO what happened. I was put with the ZL and I am sleeping there, and the three of us are covering the two areas. Elder Waters and de Araújo are my comps. They are awesome, and are teaching me a lot of things :)

But to start out, Mom I have to say, that you would be way proud of Elder Iverson. As you know I had to buy new pants, and they didn’t have my size exactly, so what happened. Elder Iverson hemmed his own pants :) haha What? thats right!! it only took 3 hours but I was able to hem my pants and they actually look good :) 

This week I lost my voice. It was real sucky. I was able to talk a mix of Batman and a lifetime smoker. haha I was real raspy and it sucked. I was really bad, one day. Quarta. on the next day, I was able to talk a little better. And by Saturday I was only having a few breaks in the voice. But it was sad because my voice is really everything here in the mish. I have to proclaim, and that is difficult with out a voice. But luckily I have it again. 

As I am sure that you know, this week was a wonderful one with Conference and Easter here. I have to say Pres. Uchtdorf stole the show right from the start. That tie was gnarly :) haha I loved it. And to top off his two talks about Grace and "What is your ministry?" wow what a great talk.

Conference- I am also sure that you guys got the theme: Marriage and The Atonement. If you take those two subjects nearly every talk I would say more than 90% were on those topics. What is God trying to tell us? We need to marry and have a family, that is firm in the gospel. How do we do that? Using the atoning power of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a conference. 

Some of my favorites were Oaks, Uchtdorf, M Russel Ballard, and the elder that told us we need to "Dance with Jesus" I found that incredibly applicable :) I hope that you all loved the conference. 

To all the Aaronic Priesthood holders, and those who will receive soon (Bust Jettstar.) I hope you paid attention to The Prophet in the priesthood session, and also to Larry M Gibson. They both showed the power of the Aaronic Priesthood. IF you don't remember take a quick glance back ;) 

I was able to watch the first three sessions (Sat and Priesthood) in Portugues, and understood it all.  And the other days I was missing the voices of the apostles so I watched in English and loved every min :) I hope you all loved it as much as I did. Mom I used the book that you sent to me, and loved it, and ran out of pages:) 

This week I read a lot of the Bible. I love the epistles. I am learning so much from them. They are like guides. The apostles sending "General Conference" addresses to the people for the problems that they had. how cool is that ? :) if you want a good verse or two look up Col 3:2 and Thes 5:16 they are great :)

As for another great read took up "Heber Q Hale" and his talk about a Celestial Manifestation. WOW"" You will all Like it for sure :) 

Well this week is great, I don’t know when I will get a new comp. SO I am just chilling in the house of the LZ, and a member brought a mattress so I am on the floor :) great fun, we are having a great time. :) 

I love you all, read the talks again :) 

Elder Iverson 

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