Saturday, April 4, 2015

IT IS a Jungle!

Every Tuesday we eat lunch in the same members house. They breed spiders.... jk but they have a ton, and so I desiced to take a quick pre-lunch snack ;) haha

But this is Caucaia. Dirt Roads and nothing.......
and in the dark, it is really cool :)

The two tall guys are my new comps. (I will explain :)

"I FOUND Philadelphia in Brasil!!!!!" haha ;) 

A few more things about the great area of Caucaia:

There are dogs everywhere. First everyone has one dog, and most people have 3. And there are so many in the street that is is sad....

The stars are in sight, and I love that. I miss the stars back in good old Plain City :) 

This week I received 9 letters and two packages. (The mail is not as fast, because the mission house only gives us mail when we have a meeting with pres or something else :) SO normally I get it once a month :) 

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