Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Go There Often

We had a great time today in the temple. The spirit was so strong, and I love to go to the temple. Wow, we are blessed there in Utah to have our own temple :) Go there often. 

This week was a killer one, not literally (don’t worry mom :)

This is Kemily. She is a doll. She is 8 and
we are helping her, her cousin, and aunt be baptised soon!
To start out, I don't know if I said it, but we are teaching Sandra, Ryan, and Kemily.  There is another girl that lives in the same house. And when we got there one day she jumped out the window in order to not talk to us :) haha what a silly girl... IN the same family Ryan is a stud. He this week asked me if i knew all the words in English... :) haha I was like I think so.. so he quizzed me. :) This is a very special family that loved the church on Sunday and said that they will return, we just need to help Sandra stop smoking and she will be baptized. 

As with our Atheist friend. He is going good. He came to church again. And still is feeling like he doesn't feel anything. He is a killer kid. He is smart, and he wants to learn, but for now he says he "Cant believe" We will see about that. We have some of the most spiritual lessons. The most latest I showed pictures of home, and E Araujo decided to take the "Elder Iverson is rich, and could be home enjoying his money, but he is here telling you that God exists." I was just like ..... oh my comp.... :)

We this week were called witch doctors. haha :) Some little church that opened is calling us out.. The little girls are confused about what they should do. One thing that is very sad is the power that Satan has to confuse people. Doubts and Fear come from him. We need to have faith and confidence. Faith is confidence that The Lord will help us out. 

Something that my good friend Elder Farias and I were talking about today was the Book of Mormon. When you think about it, a 14yr old boy went to a forest, and claimed to see God, and founded what he claims to be the Church of Christ. There are only two options: He is the smartest 14 yr old boy in the history of the world to write the Book of Mormon, start a church, write D&C, Pearl of Great Price. A 14 yr old boy couldn’t have thought that up. Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God on the earth. He restored the Church that our Savior organized 2000 years ago. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of Christ.

I challenge everyone to strengthen your testimony. :) 
I love you all :) Until Next week :) 

Elder Iverson

The power went out and I was writing in the dark by candle light, I felt like Moroni or something writing the scirptures :) 

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