Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two Very Different FHE's

We are teaching a member of the Christian Congregation of Brasil. And they are people very loving. When we invited them to the church on Sunday they replied that they would make some time to come. And they invited us to a FHE. What the dad said was "We have a family night that will be in a neighbors house, if you guys can make it we would love to see you there." So we were like, we will see. We had an appointment at 7 and the FHE was at 8. So at 7 we taught our Atheists. What a cool experience it is to talk to them. They are genuinely interested. But just not in God quite yet. We gave a sweet lesson. It was so powerful. We bore strong testimony of the existence of God and after we finished we literally ran out. Elder Araujo "in the name of Jesus Christ Amen." We shot up, said we had to go. I opened the door, one of the guys said "I have a question for you" "We will answer Saturday" (As we ran out the door) As Elder Araujo said. They should still be debating about God :)

Then we ended up in our FHE with the Congregacao Crista no Brasil. First things first we showed up and all the women were in the room. And on the one side all the women with Veils. And the guys had their instruments. We enter and wait. We sat on one side. The pastor showed up and we began. The pastor said "Let us call a Hymn." And a women would say 190!" and we sang. Then the pastor explained what we sang. And again "Let us call a Hymn". And another woman 300! We sang 300 and the pastor explained. Then he said "Servant of God call a hymn" talking to me... ;) haha "What????" I thought "They don't even use the same Hymn book ;)" so I was flipping through the pages and found a random Hymn. "67 I said" "67, let us sing." Then came the prayer. It was everybody talking at once. Then one person started talking louder, and prayed. Then the pastor gave "The Word" :) and started talking about something. All in all it was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about the other beliefs. And as Elder Araujo said "We need to get them an Liahona, because they don’t know how to do a FHE. No treat, no game, what kind of FHE was that" :) 

Then the other FHE we had was with Lucimara and her kids. Ketlin, Jenifer, Matheus, and Migeul. And also Leandra and her kids. Raveu, Zinho, Fabiano, Luzania, and their friend Danilo. (There is a photo of the kiddos) And this FHE was great. 

Here in Brasil you see all sorts of things, namely here in Caucaia. As Elder Araujo says. "in Caucaia you can do anything." and in this family Migel is 2. And he has special needs. And is a sweet heart. But sometimes is crazy .For example. When we arrived he was taking a shower, and the mom didn’t dress him. So our friend Migel was running around naked. While Elder Araujo was sharing the message of the FHE the youngin was handing me DVD cases, and running around. I will have to say, that was the first time that I had a FHE with a naked kid running around. :) But it all turned out well. :) we had a great week.

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