Sunday, June 7, 2015

Highlights of the Week

A few things about Caucaia. No one likes to get married. Everyone just lives together, its like? What are you waiting for? and it is difficult because they won’t be able to be baptized until they get married :)

The highlights of the week were definitely the two confirmations that I was able to do on Sunday. Our invesitgators Lucas and Adriano were confirmed and I was able to do that. I love to do this. It is such a neat feeling to give someone the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Also yesterday night, we had a FHE that I got to give the message. What a blessing I had everything went well. We played the cup game. That is more a lesson than a game but yesterday it was so funny that it was almost a game.  You will see the picture of the tower, we explain about the church of Christ and build a tower With apostles, commandments, and teachings of Christ, with a prophet and Christ on top. Then we had a few volunteers take out the apostles. And everyone grabbed the teachings that they could, and went to build their different churches :) haha  During this process, I was yelling, and saying why one church was good, and why another was bad, and it was hilarious. One sister said "Elder, but my church has the 10 commandments" and I responded " How will you get to heaven without baptism. One church grabbed baptism and dizimo (tithing). So I was like "Look here, this is the problem with churches, they so want you to be baptized and your money. haha ;) they all started to laugh... :) After we explained the apostasy, we showed the video of the first vision. And then rebuilt the church. What a cool lesson. We had a few investigators, and less actives there. 

This week we also got some sad news. Adriano who is my very good friend now called us and said that he was having a few difficulties. When we got to church he explained that his mom and dad became crazy.. and that they didn’t want us to go to their house.. Adriano started to cry and I was like. My brother, life is difficult, and you will get through. He was like, "I am so sure of the things I am doing and I know that they are right, why is it so difficult." I felt so bad for him. But he is truly an example of faith and dedication. This kid had his parents literally turn because he started to come to church and he still is super firm :) what a stellar man. 

I challenge you guys to think how much you love the gospel, We need to love it even more than our family. Which is difficult. But it will be worth it in the end. 

This week we started to teach and Atheist. This is really a treat. Because here in Brasil everyone has "faith" or so everyone says... haha :) so this kiddo who is 15 has some doubts, but all will be good, we will help him out, and in the end with the Lords help he will be baptised.

This week we will have another baptism. Raquel. She is awesome, and will be dunked on Saturday. :) We pray that everything will go right :) 

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