Monday, June 29, 2015

Special Friends

This is Laura. She is the neice of Maisa who is in the next foto. She was baptized a little bit before I got here in Caucaia. 

That would be the "grande" Beca... he is our Ward mission leader. :)  We bought a pizza with Ananias (Beca´s dad) and yes Beca because of fubeca ;) haha 

And this is my friend Marcos. He is hilarious  We did a contact with him, and he stopped in the middle of the contact and was like "You know something, you look like Tom Cruise".. :) haha and so, he now calls me Tom Cruise. And I love it. He even took a picture with me to show his friends. :) During a lesson Marcos gave a sweet testimony of us. He starting saying stuff like. These guys are true friends, they will help you get out of a tough spot. They are representatives of Christ. :) me and E Araujo sat there like "What?? this is the coolest thing ever"" Gods uses who he wants when he wants. ;) 

 These are some of our little friends. The kiddos are so cute.

These are our friends. We have Ravel, Jonas, Davi, and Daniel. And yes that is sugar cane :) Tasty 

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