Monday, June 29, 2015

You KNOW You're in Caucaia...

Flags are in the streets are for the June and July parties. It is random. Here they were like, We should have a party, lets have a party in June or July. And These flags are a tradition. Also straw hats, and large bonfires, and square dancing. 

The soccer fields are all over and look like this...... (sinto falta de jogar bola)

And Here in Caucaia you see everything and anything. this picture is our the bar that one of our memebers has. And yes the member is active :) haha Brasil :) I love Caucaia!!!!!!

Dogs are everywhere, but this one was especial cute with very blue eyes. 

 When you go to the market, sometimes you dont know what you will find :) haha silly cat. And Dad you asked what the cat says in Brasil it is the same sound but they spell it "Miau" :)  

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