Monday, June 22, 2015

"Who Let the Dogs Out"

What a week :) We were able to do a whole lot and the weeks are passing by what seems like days. We are now teaching a variety of people. This week we started teaching a 7th day Adventist. We were teaching the lesson, it was all going good and the gma of the family was just sitting there listening. And she stopped me while I was talking "What day do you sanctify?" I was like crap...... We responded Sunday and they went into their but God commandant Saturday, and it was great. We showed Acts 20 that shows the apostles ate the sacrament on Sunday. But they wanted nothing of it. So I was like, "if I wasn’t a missionary, you would received a verbal take down.” But as Christ's representatives we need to love everyone. So I kindly forgot (or acted like she didn’t say anything) and continued talking :) haha fun fun. 

Another person we are teaching is our Atheist Friend. In good news, he came to church, so for the sacrament meeting, and said "if I receive a divine inspiration I will return" haha :) this kiddo is 15 and we have some of the most spiritual lessons with him!! His house is literally exploding with the spirit and we are like, "DUDE, do you not feel this!!!!" And he is like "no...." which is really frustrating. I am like take this. He is an atheist that reads the BoM and prays but feels nothing.

We started to teach Saudra and her family this week. Her son is Ryan.(from the photo) They are great people that lack compromise. But the kids Ryan and Kemily came to church and they loved it!! :) nothing is better than when people come to church and feel the spirit there. 

As for the "highlight" of the week. My comp was bitten by a dog!!! What??? haha We being the good little boys that we are helped a lady with her groceries. And we were like oh what did you buy. O Food for my dogs. My four dogs. :) We were like cool. We turned the corner and the dogs come running at us. They started out nice and friendly. They sniffed and ran around harmlessly. Then when I left the bag, and Elder Araujo the little shopping cart the dogs went nuts, the four started to attack Elder Araujo!!! and he was kicking and one bit him!!! I was inside the gate of the house I was shocked. Araujo ran behind the gate and closed himself in. I was like, I am out of here, and bounced, one dog came after me, I was like "Nuhuh" haha :) and ran. And the poor little old lady with her cane was confused and scared. 2 girls helped put the dogs inside.... and then we left. The Sweet lady told my comp. "If anything happens come back here" he said as we were walking away "If anything happens I’ll go to the cemetery" haha… My goofball comp.

But that was the week. We are liking the area and the craziness of Caucaia. There is a lot of crazy stuff that happens, but don’t worry through it all the Lord is protecting us. :) I love you all :) have a great week,

amo vcs

Elder Iverson 

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