Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Touch of Home!

I would like to start of by saying that the ski outfits of the family are da hora :) I loved the pictures of the snow and of Snowbasin :) 

And the fact that the picture you sent me mom is my favorite picture I have on my wall, and every time Elder Jacobson sees it he says, “Your family is gangster!” I just smile and say I know, I know :) 

To answer your questions Mom :)

The Hymn music is the same for the most part. With only small, small alterations on a few; I have only found one :) The Hinos (Hymns) I don’t play in sacrament, I just practice when I have down time at the District Meeting :) and I don’t need a Hinario.

Homesickness, it happens, but the trick is to work. When I am working, I don’t think of the other things that are good (for example: family, snow, stars, grass, Plain City) The work, and loosing your self in the needs of others is how to do it :) 

About the world, that the world is not Plain City UT. There is a whole lot of crap, and I literally and figuratively mean that, (there is dog poop everywhere in this city) The world is not the peaceful place that we think it is. There is filthiness, and stuff happening that is just sad. 

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