Monday, January 5, 2015

Conquering Fears!

This Saturday we took a member that is leaving for a mission next week with us the entire day. It was a killer day. 

We laugh a few people, it rained, and we taught someone in the street. (Which I like to do, and it is always good to leave them with a prayer.)  One thing I am learning from my experiences being a missionary is that we shouldn't have fear of other people. I am almost 100% comfortable praying in the street with tons of people passing, and we always will just talk to whoever. I knew that I had the genes of my Dad somewhere, and the ability to talk to whomever is coming, :) 

We found a little graffiti that has the symbol for Baptism. So clearly we took a picture with that :) 

The beautiful city of Sao Paulo on a clear day! No fear on these streets!

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