Monday, January 26, 2015

Things Spiritual

For things spiritual this week.

I really, really, really focused on my prayers this week. They have unfortunately been slacking, and so I really focused on my prayers. I have started to pray out loud and it helps a lot :) 

The scriptures are coming alive for me. One really cool thing I found this week. The miracle of Jesus and Peter walking on water. This is an analogy for the Atonement. 

Jesus is walking and commands Peter to walk on the water. He is faithful and obeys, but this task is not normal, and needs the divine help of our Savior. He at first is fine, because he isn't thinking, it is habit to rely on the Savior when all is well. But what happens, Satan comes, and things become difficult, we lose our focus on the Savior, and his Atonement, and we start to go under, but in a last resort, Peter calls out, Savior, Help me. And the Lord, as always, will help if we ask. But, we have the capacity, if we really have faith in Jesus Christ, to walk on the waters, in the vilest of storms, just have faith, that the Atonement can and will help you, if we first have the desire to let Jesus Help!

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