Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baptism Day

It started out with a great Tuesday, Yes that is young Jace, in white baptizing sweet old Nair :) This was an experience that was unique and I loved every minute of it. I was super nervous; I won’t lie. I wanted everything to be so perfect that I was stressing a little. Silly me, I know better than to do that :) 
But if we remember right, Nair was the sweet old lady that I did a street contact with 4 months ago. But her husband wouldn't let her listen to the missionaries. So in November, her husband died, which was really "sad".  But then we had the chance to set up to teach her. We talked with Roesli Oliviera to set up an appointment, but as chance would have it the AP's knocked on her door :) haha but it was all situation good, we had the chance to teach her a few times, and then I had the opportunity to baptize Nair!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! It was a feeling unlike others :) to know that because of the power of God, that he has granted to me, a daughter of God, came that much closer to making her way back to the presence of God :) That was a moment that I will never forget!

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