Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Love the Temple

We got to go to the temple. And it is always a great experience. I love the temple here. After the temple the week was a normalish week :) We taught the most lessons this week that being 18. We worked really really hard with Romario this week. He is the guy who is 20. And he lives in the favelazinha(little favlea;) He is a super humble dude, and he accepted to be baptized this week. We will see what happens, the dude, had some crazy problems, for example, he smoked 2 packs a day, and was drinking now and then. And now, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, and all is well. And this week we found out his girlfriend moved in with him........ Gosh...... 

I had a good split in the area of the LZ this week. This is where the contact of the week happened :) haha we were talking to a lady, that wasn't old, but she wasn't young. And she loved me and Elder Jacobsen (LZ not my comp) and she was talking about how cute we were, and all this stuff, and when we left, she said "Tchau Tchau gatinhos" haha. Here in Brasil they say cat or gato or gata, for someone that you think is 'hot'. So a lady that was like 60 called us hot :) haha 

We had two experiences with Atheists this week. One came to church with the APs, and the other we took to the temple two different experiences :) 

The Atheist that was at church didn't care to learn, he so wanted to debate with our Leader of the Mission in our Ward.  It was heated and one of the investigators that we took to church handled it very well.  But this atheist was very content to argue with us about whatever. And on the exact opposite end of things. Me and Elder Rincon took an Atheist to the temple. WOWZERS!!!!!!  This guy is 18 yrs old, and he is an atheist, not by choice, but by laziness I think :) haha but we had the chance to take him to the temple (the waiting room of course :) but that didn’t matter. We entered and we all sat in different places. And we asked him beforehand to pray, and search for an answer. We were there, and I could feel the spirit so strong, the only way to describe that feeling was like my heart was pounding out of my chest!! It was amazing :) And the only thing I could think of "Dude, you have got to be feeling this also!!" We left the temple, and you could tell that he felt something, and Elder Rincon will teach him again, because it was a divisão :)  

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