Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Te Amo!

This week had a strange start :) We got to watch Malevila, or Malevicent. We are not sure why exactly, but we got to. We watched it in English with the son of Roseli Olivera, Rafael:) It was good, and strange, probably really good because it was the first real movie I have watched in 5 months :) 

Then we received the craziest rain Storm this week on Thursday!! We saw the wall of clouds coming after us, and we thought, crap....... So we rested under the garage of a pharmacy. It was crazy, for one minute it would rain then rain and hail like crazy then the wind switched directions, the street flooded, and a motorcycle crashed in front of us..... It was crazy!!!!! and to celebrate the rain, we played UNO and the guy with us is Elder Gonçalves he is in area Caixingui :) 

The next day we had a split in the area of the ZLs. I was there. We did a contact that was so, so funny. We asked her if she had talked with missionaries before like us. And her response was that she thought she had, but it wasn't the same missionaries because they had blue pants :) hahah oh lady, you made my day :) 

I am not sure if I mentioned that we are teaching an Arabian, Portuguese :) haha His name is Shahab, and his friend Muhamud. They don’t want anything with the gospel, but we are always teasing them, and I always ask why they are smoking.... :) haha they all just laugh and try to change the subject. But for a good lesson we taught the W of W. And Shahab didn’t understand. So we asked if he was addicted to cigarettes, he said that he wasn't but then when we asked him to drop his 3-5 cigarettes that he smokes everyday, he said he couldn't...darn.... but I think we have something here, also, yes they are Muslims. So I am learning about their religion also. That is interesting. 

This week I learned a lesson that I will never forget. In the city of São Paulo there are more then 11 Million People in the limits of the city there are bound to be a lot of homeless guys. So I decided to do something about it. Being a missionary I don’t have a whole lot to give, so the only thing I can give is the gift of Love. This is why every person that we see on the street without a home, I make an effort to talk to them for 10 min. It is only a little piece of my time, but you can tell they love the company. And when we have food we always give them some good stuff. 

And one day, it was Sunday, it rained crazy hard, we passed the storm with Massano, and after we saw some guys in the street, and I felt like I should go talk to them. So I walked over and started talking. They at first were like what are you doing? But then when we started talking they were nice. There were 3. One was sleeping, and one to show us care grabbed a little spot of the blanket and pulled it so I could sit down. (Why is it that those who have so little, are so willing to share?) Let us learn a lesson, that yes money is important and necessary in our lives, but it is just paper that someone put a value on. It means nothing in the world to come. I am not saying go and give a homeless guy $200. It is better if we give them time, conversation, and little presents:) For example, I noticed that they were very wet from the storm, so deciding that a umbrella is a necessity here, I asked if they had an umbrella, and they replied no. So lets just say I went home without an umbrella :) 

This is Massano, he is the missionary that is leaving tomorrow. We went shopping with him today :) He is going to a place in Brazil called Mació. it is the NE.

Yesterday we had interviews with President, and a training by the APs. Quick notes that I learned.  The training was on faith. If we are faithful, really faithful, we will keep our goals in mind, and God will make a way for them, to be accomplished. Also when setting goals, set them with God, have him help us. And attach a promise. 
"If I do this, you will give me this".  If we do this the blessings will be flowing and we won’t know what to do :)

Much love

Stay safe 

Elder Iverson :) 

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