Monday, January 5, 2015

A Week of Work

To start this week we have to go all the way back to 2014, (just laugh, I know it was a bad joke;).  We taught Allison and Meide, Evalyn and Gabriel which was a great time.  It was me, Elder Jacobson, and Elder Sales (because Elder Contegiacomo was on a split in another area). We taught about the Plan of Salvation and it was really good.  We felt the spirit and it is going to be interesting because they are traveling until the 15th.... so that sucks we cant teach them for a little bit :) But all is well.  

After that we had a FHE with irma Roseli. She is awesome and has a friend that will be baptized here soon, and it will be a good experience. I don't know if I told the story. So at the Christmas party of our ward this friend of Roseli (Nair) came and she was just talking and then she stopped and said to me, “you are the guy that gave me a photo of Jesus in the street!” and I didn't remember her one bit, so it is weird but every time I see her she reminds me that I gave her a picture of Christ (a passalong card). I love it. Every time she says that it makes me smile because I have no clue when we talked the first time, but it is good that the first person to offer her to come closer to Christ was me, and she will probably be baptized :) yeah!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was a good day we had a lot of appointments fixed that fell through, but that is just a normal day.  I am used to it, it is a little sad, we have appointments but we have to plan for like 4 people after because we usually don’t expect them to be home. But this doesn't mean we don't pray for our appointments to be home. Everyday before we leave we pray that the investigators are home, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out... 

We had two splits this week one with The ZLs and one with one of the secretary companionships. It was a good old time, the area is coming along and the area of the secretaries is good.  A neat thing happened. So Morumbi is one of, if not the richest area of Brazil. So the houses are gigantic :)  We were just walking, and I was like lets knock on this door, (really most of the houses are intercom) so I rang the intercom, and the voice came. Normally the contacts on the interfone are like this:

"Hi we are missionaries of Jesus Christ, we have a message that is especially for you."

Then the person on the other side of the intercom ends the call - sometimes in the middle of you talking... So I was expecting this, and she actually said, 
"Well I can’t right now but on (this day) can you pass?"

“Yes, Yes we can come that day”... :) It was a joyous moment!  It was the first in a long time to have someone answer and accept our invite :) 

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