Monday, March 23, 2015

"Cow, ky, a"

The week here was a great one.

As you may have heard I was transferred to Caucaia :) That is in the country land of SP. You can learn to say Caucaia very easily. You say, "cow-ky-a" haha there is your lesson in Portuguese for the day.

To start of Caucaia and Morumbi are completely different. But I love it here. You can breathe, you see not even one apartment building, and the people are lovely. Everyone here in our area has circumstances that are not too good. But they make the best, and the people love to talk to you. And on the flip side, when you do street contacts, the people live in your area. So when we are doing contacts we have a lot more success  :) what a blessing. 

A few photos of the new area, it is dirt roads, and open space people, what a place!! :) 

Our area also has a lot of hills :) if you want to check out my area, find the church in Caucaia. It is in the stake of Cotia, if that makes it easier. And the area that we work is on the other side of the street :) you can find that our area is awesome. And muddy. It rains almost everyday, and so my pants are covered in a lot of mud and what not :) 

A nice picture in the rain. It rains even more here in Caucaia. And so almost everyday we get a little wet. On this day a girl (Inghrid) was visiting her friends with us, and she took the picture. Just a typical day in Caucaia :)

Maybe the reason that I was so wet, the girl that Maisa referenced to us was with us but without a umbrella so I gave my umbrella to her :_ 

But sorry I don't have a great email this week but I have a few fun facts for ya :) 

1. One of the recent converts in our ward looks just like the girl from Sahara.
2. There is an endless flow of dogs in our area :) ha, there are more dogs than people I think.
3. We live on top of a hill, and every night it is a test to climb. 
4. Our ward has two sets of missionaries. One works at the top of our ward boundaries. and we work more to the bottom. 
5. My comp is awesome.

Clearly we bought a pizza on the first day. Celebration Missionary Style with Elder Aguiar.

I love you all, and have a blast this week.
Elder Iverson 

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