Monday, March 2, 2015

Family Traveling Tie

The Dixon family started a "Family Missionary Tie" in 1990 when our cousin Eric Hellstrom left to serve his mission in Germany.  The tie was purchased and taken with him.  The tie was then passed to family missionaries on both sides of the family.  

The tie has been with:

Matt Dixon - Recife, Brazil
Tyler Dixon - Recife, Brazil
Jay Carnahan - 
Ben Carnahan - North Dakota
Ian Stanger - England
Spencer Ferrin - LA, California
Jace Iverson - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jace was given the charge to wear the tie with pride,  photography it in Sao Paulo, and then send the tie on to Jake Jones in Albuerque, NM in about 6 months time.  From there it will be passed to all the Dixon family missionaries still preparing to go!  Awesome Tradition!

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