Saturday, March 14, 2015

Elder Iverson you are being transferred to...


Well, after a long 6 months in a ward that I have come to call home, I will say goodbye to the members, friends, and without doubt family that I have come to love with all of my heart. I am currently in the city of São Paulo. And I will be transferred to one of the areas furthest from the city. It will be a change of pace for sure, but nothing that I am not ready for. 

But this last week was a good one, :) This week we talked a lot with Lourdes. She is literally amazing. She is already helping in the church, she already is passing referrals (without us asking might I add), she helps us teaching other people, she is working with her daughter who will be baptized in the coming month, and she is just so sweet. It was the chance of a life time to get to know her. 

Also, I and Elder Corrêa are starting a new Key Indicator: Less Active Members found in your area. This transfer we found 6 people that are Less active and not on our list. 3 families. And one of the families is in a situation difficult. There are 4 people the parents (not members) and two kids Alexandre 15 and a stud, and Ana 17. They were baptized recently, and moved here. That is when they stopped coming to church. So we talked to them, and found out that Ana already as a son (Thiago) who is 1. So she has had a life very different, and really wants to come to church. I hope that Elder Correa and know that he will, helps this family receive the blessings that a family (when everyone is active and in the church) receives. 

We also met a guy named Moises. (Moses in Port) and he is a good guy. He is illiterate, and has two kids, works a ton, and has a different look on the bible. He loves, and I mean loves Noah. He told us that if we were representatives of Noah's church he would join. I asked him, but who was Jesus. He responded that he was the leader, so I told him, so do you want the church of the leader, or another person? and he said "Its like the same thing" :) good times in the mission. But it was a great experience we taught his son Luan (12) who really understood. I was thinking a long time how I would teach The Restoration to the little ones and I found that soccer is a great resource. I explained that the church of Christ is like a team of soccer. We have the players (apostles) we have the coach (Jesus) ((assistant coaches = profetas)) and the game plan(authority). He loved it so much. And when we explained it in this way, we asked him if he would like to cheer for this team? or if he wanted another team? :) clearly he responded that he wanted Christ's team. He was so sincere and said he will help his dad read. We invited him to the church, and he said that he would come if he had a friend :)

This week was Stake Conference here, what a cool experience. Our president talked and also a member of one of the quorums of the 70. It was good just a little hard for Elder Iverson to pay attention. It was 45 min about Ward Council. And it was good, he said a lot of good things :) The Pres of the stake talked about obedience. Are we as obedient as we can be? if not what are we doing to be better?

Sunday was a great day. We ate with the Cavelhieros. (I think you know her from FB Mom) and we haven’t ever shared a message with this family because some things happened in the past. But I was full of a lot of food, and the dad said eat more. So I said I will eat more if I can share a message. He accepted, I ate, and I gave a message to the family. I talked about the talk of the Stk Pres. It was very good. Moses 5:6.

The night on Sunday was harder than I wanted it to be, I said goodbye to Maria and it was tough. I said goodbye to Guilherme today and tonight I will talk to Lourdes. It was a great experience to know them, and life will move on. I have their contact info, and so I will keep it touch :) 

The week was fabulous. And Morumbi is an area that is turning around, I thank the Lord everyday for the time I have had here, and the people that He put in my path. I will never forget Morumbi :) (ou como a gente gosta de falar "Morum-batizando" :)

(or as we like to say " Morum - baptizing " :)
from the last time from Morumbi
com amor 
Elder Iverson

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