Monday, March 30, 2015

Take 2 (Elder Iverson MIA)

Wow :) sorry about the confusino. It was a mess last week with the internet. In Caucaia they have a session that is 1 hour and I can use it free. But I forgot to sign out of the email. so when I went  to sign in at the other lan house, it wouldn’t let me in :) haha sorry :) 

Well, this week was a killer one :) 

It started of last Pday we were playing a little football, and yes American football one of the investigators of the other elders in our ward plays it. So we enjoyed that. 

This week we had the opportunity of a life time. One of the days we were able to teach 11 lessons :) it was an amazing experience. We finished in the church. We taught a younin named Mateus. He is 13 and very smart. He is the friend of a member in our ward, and we taught about the Restoration. He asked really neat questions and said that the BoM was a strong enticer for him. We challenged him to be baptized and he said when I know it is true clearly. We marked April 11 :) in the middle of the lesson Bishop walked in and said that a Less Active had a son, that wanted to be taught. We said of course and stayed in the same room, and the son who is 12 and the mom walked it. WHAT a lesson. He practically taught us!!!!!! We asked him questions and he responded with answers that would blow your mind for a 12 year old. He loved the story, that he already knew. We asked him if he had any questions his only questions was "Does it take a long time for me to be baptized?" WHAT???? How awesome is that. We told him "No," and planned the day for SAT. We finished that day with a whole lot of respect for the spirit and the help of the Lord.

But now we move to the strangeness of Caucaia. The next day after the lesson we went to teach Rafael (the 12 year old who asked to be dunked) and we marked to visit at 4 o'clock. We visited at 4 o'clock, and they moved? WHAT? haha this whole Brasil thing is strange. People really just move on the flip of a coin, and we were like? What???? :) haha so that was a situation strange. We were able to find out where they moved. And with the other Elders, they will now baptize the lad. 

Two Saturdays ago we had the chance to do Service. Unfortunately it was the pits, because the day before I was sick, I had a sore throat (wow I couldn't figure that word out) and was spent. I woke up Sat with a throat on fire. But we had service and so we went and I was blessed with a force I am not sure where it came from. Our service was a jungle that we had the privilege of clearing. It was trees, weeds, more trees, and spiders. It was only a little scary and very tiring. After I was spent more than before SO I bought some drugs, and started to feel better :) But my comp was feeling down and out so we went to the hospital. 

Here in Caucaia the Hospital is in the center of the city and free (all of Brasil) so we went and I found out why it is free. We waited a ridiculously long time. :) haha and finally they called us. And the doctor here is really cool. I was waiting in a line to talk to a guy in a white coat that said "Whats amater?" and I told him. He said "Get your temp and blood pressure" So I checked everything and in the end I was told to continue taking the drugs I already bought. :) haha.  The people there were all complaining because the wait, and it was great.... (Not haha :) 

Sunday we had the chance to have a FHE in the house of Bishop. This ward has a great program of FHE. Every week they have one in someones house. And normally they have 10-70 people :) Crazy huh? that was a good time to see a lot of the members and feel the spirit :) 

And then P-day past, was a treat. The internet didn't work out how I wanted it to :) but all is well :) 

Elder Iverson
PS (I was going to send a message like "Wow its already conference, but by now I think everyone knows :) haha 
love you guys 

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