Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Noble & Great Ones

This week we had our Mission Tour. What a great time. We had Elder Coast of the 70 and the President of the Brasil Area talk to us. He is a stud also. He is a convert to the church and very nice. He shared his stories that were all amazing. Some of the things that I liked:

"If we remember who we are, then all our problems go away. We are sons and daughters of GOD!" 

He also quoted Pres Hinkley. Some of the 70 and the apostles were in the temple. He said that Pres Hinkley started to cry and said "I love the missionaries. They are the best group of people on the face of the earth”

Read D&C 138 "We are the noble and great ones!!!" :) 

Morumbi Zone

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