Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Knocking Doors

But the week of work was great. We knocked a whole lot of doors this week. We were in the street a greater part of the time. We found some people that were interested, and others that hate us (which is funny that someone hates an 18 year old boy who is trying to save their soul) haha ;) but all is well here. 

We are working with Maria and Victora still. They are very good people that need a little more compromise. As for other news we found a married couple Richardo, and Elaine who are great. They already have friends in the ward, are reading the Book Of Mormon, and have a desire to find the truth. We will help them and work hard to baptism. This is already week 6 in the transfer and so next Pday we will know where Elder Iverson will be. Probably I will leave, but we will see the Lords ways are greater than ours :) 

Lesson for the week. Read the story of Adam and Eve in 2 Nephi but read with the following mindset. That Adam and Eve are us. That the Garden is our Comfort Zone. to eat is to act. and children are joy. When we read the story like that. We read that in order to leave our Comfort Zone we have to act, and when we act we will leave the zone, and have joy in our lives. 

Leave the Zone, Love people, and share the Gospel, it is our duty. :) 

com carinho

Elder Iverson :) 

Thanks for your love and help, I truly am loving it here, and thanks for the support and love I get everyday. I am being lifted by your prayers :) 

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