Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sao Paulo City

This week was fabulous. We are doing things here in Morumbi!!  

To start of the week was really strange for the type of weather. My brother Z who is kickin it in England and I switched weather for a few days. Word has it that it was Sunny there, and its been a solid 3 days without sun, very cloudy, and on Friday, it rained the whole day. The wetness is hard to avoid when you have the wind coming at you, and it switches every few seconds. But it is all good, we are moving into the colder period of SP. We will get to almost 30 here (85 F). And that is cold for the folk here. I am a little concerned that I am becoming custom to the weather, and I will return to winter and will freeze :) but all is well. 

The first pictures are of the difference of life that Brasil has. On one we see the favela. This is Parasiopolis. This is the biggest favela in SP. And on the side we have a condo that has 4 swimming pools!! Wow!!! Welcome to Brasil :) But that is alright. 

The other pool is the club of Sao Paulo Soccer. They have pools, tennis, volley, and other things :)

You will also see that Brasil is starting to sell American soda, I couldn’t help it; I was missing DP and had to buy some. I also helped myself to a RootBeer float. haha The Brasilians think that Dp and RB are medicine and everyone loves MtDew :) haha So that was good. 

The picture of chicken is that chicken that me and Elder Corrêa made. I just listen to instructions and rolled the chicken :) haha also we found a gnarly spider  the other day. 

We went to the stadium again. I get chills when I walk it. One day I will watch a game live in the stadium!!! :)  

And we have a few more pictures of the area. Just so you guys know. People take Lord of the Rings way to serious down here. Someone even put up the tower with the eye on top ;) haha also some people have crazy cool doors, that have carvings. Way cool :) 

I got told again that I look like Tom Cruse.... :) haha 

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