Monday, December 15, 2014

A Divisão Unlike any Others

Quarta (Wednesday) we had a divisão (splits). I was with Elder Gonçalves he is from Natal!! The great city of Natal in the NE of Brasil. When we do divisões we meet at a restaurant named Habibs. Then we switch and go our ways. It was a little different this time. 

A man, who was wearing shorts that were ridiculously short and he was a twig, came up to us and started talking about us the missions we are on and the message we have.  He was really nice and said that he had a friend that was coming, that would love to hear the message. And boy did he love it.. We started talking about the Restoration and he stopped, "This 14 yr-old saw God?" ...yes we responded...'oh ok' and we continued.  He stopped another time to ask how long I had been in Brasil... Almost 4 months (WOW can you believe that!!) and he said you speak Portuguese like this? Parabens :)

Then the craziest thing happened. A member from a neighboring ward came up with her friend, "Elders, can we participate in the lesson?" Clearly we said yes and began teaching about the LdM with them. When we started to explain in good detail the purpose of the LdM the guy who asked about Joseph Smith had to leave... but before doing so he gave the LdM to the non-member friend of the member, and said "Have this, if this is true, it is the best, and most incredible thing I have heard in my life." (DONT forget the importance of the Restoration in our lives people!:) and he left.  I tried to get his address and he just said, I live in a city a long way away, I don't know the name. :) So we continued to teach the member and her friend at the restaurant, and it went well. 

Scriptures of the week.
Alma 34:32 In Portuguese, the wording is 'find God' and I think that is really applicable to my investigators, they need to find God, or the true church of God here, and we can use this to our benefit. Are we doing things to find God in our lives? Or are we looking for other sources of joy?  Which leads to the second scripture
1 Nefi 11:22-23.   The only true joy we will have in our lives is Christ, the sooner we realize that, the easier life becomes.

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