Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goals for a NEW YEAR!

Did I say that we have the APs in our area with us now?  At first I was like crap they will come in baptize someone, then make us look bad. But I realized that that isn't what this work is about. They are giving me some great ideas that I will use for my entire mission :) So they are awesome and we are becoming good, good friends. We eat lunch together, and we go to FHE with members together most of the time, but we work with different people :)

This is Elder Sales, he is from Espiirito Santo, that translates Holy Ghost :) - yes that is a state here in Brazil. It is funny but true. He is one of the APs he is a great guy and we were teaching a family in our ward about the family mission plan for the year 2015.

This is a family in our ward, the Freitas. They are great, they have four kids 18, 16, 11, and 5 the two oldest are girls and one of them is in Utah with some friends right now. But we started to do a project with the members, the Family Mission Plan for the Year 2015. Every member of the family sets goals, and then we help them achieve family goals to bring more people to the church :) 

Freitas Family with Elder Contigiacomo, Jacobson, Sales, and Iverson

Don't forget the start of the new year is a time to make goals, don't make goals that you won’t keep, make a goal that will push you.  Make goals: 
    1 Physically 
    2 Spiritually

    3 Missionary -make some goals missionary, and share the gospel, this is bold but think about it :)  

"The gospel is either 100% true or not, let us make up our minds if we want to go all in, or if we don't want our friends to have eternal happiness with us."

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