Saturday, December 27, 2014

"On the Streets Where I Live"

We found a US mailbox :) 

The street signs are awesome, and I want to buy a sign with the guy playing soccer :) 

The street sign is funny because I am sure you reconize one name, but the other name trazlates. Fighters of the Geuto. :) haha I thought that was funny because it is a super rich street :() 

The giant house is what about half of our area looks like. I just did that as a joke, and they shut us down. It was all good, don't have fear :) 

We were laughing because it looks like the jungle, but really it is just a huge house, that has walls huge, and the little tree in the jungle, So that is our jungle :) haha

Then we have the park that is close to our house. There is always a bunch of youngins playing soccer :) haha 

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