Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in the Air (The HOT Air)!!

This week we had trainamento and 5 appointments. Training was good.  I saw all my buddies from D 34A from the CTM again.  They are all doing great. Then our day was full of walking and a few compromisos fell through.  But was a good day.  The Family of Allison, Maide, Evalyne, Gabreil are awesome; they are accepting us, and they invited us to their kid’s birthday tomorrow. We are only stopping by for some cake at 8:30, don't worry we wont fubecar ;)

We also made French toast this day. Which was great, and we forgot syrup or sugar so I used ice cream and banana :) It was good.  Next we had a divisão I stayed here, with Elder Jacobs'e'n. We taught like one lesson, and walked a whole lot again.

I got my stocking and Christmas Tree up.  Weird to be celebrating Christmas in the Summer.

Saturday, we had the unique experience of teaching a Pastor of another church :) with two other young men, 20 and 19.  The great thing was, the Pastor was so into the lesson. He confirmed everything we were saying. He accepted the LdM and is going to read it. He was the reason that the two young men went to church with us Sunday!!!

Sunday was good.  We had the two guys at the meeting and it was testimony meeting. Brazil is really different.  When the Bishop announces the testimonies, everybody who wants to share goes and sits on the stand. So neat, because like 20 people are trying to race to the pulpit :)

SO this week was good - other things I did:  I read that book that I should have read before, "Bring the World his truth" it was great..... Everyone needs  to read that before you go on a mission.... 

Scriptures :) 
D&C 35:13-14
Jeremiah 20:7, 9
1 John 4:7-8 & 5:3 

Love is the trick people, remember to love everyone, everything, every moment, and when you think you cant love that person, moment, event, just think that this event is building you for the person the man or woman that you will be one day. 

And when you think your mission is hard, read Ether 12:5 and Ether13:2,13 and when you want to burn someone read Acts 5:29 :)

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