Thursday, December 25, 2014

BEST Present Ever - Christmas SKYPE

So exciting to see and talk to Elder Iverson. It was a stroked 60 minutes and it went way, way too quickly. He looked so happy, and had trouble speaking English.  We met and spoke with Elder Jacobson as well.  They conversed a while in Portuguese so we could hear the language.   

Jessica, Grandma Millward, Andrew, Jake, Kierstin, Lyla, Nana, Grandpa Iverson and Carol Ann also made it over to see Jace and talk to him a bit!  Jace wanted to catch up on life at home and he was surprised by how tall Porter was already and his deepening voice.  He also wanted to see OZZI.

Some things we learned about mission life:

1- The ward Jace is assigned to is one of the most famous wards in the Mission, ala Morumbi.  Everyone who works for the church in the area attends his ward.  Doctor and Sister Laird Swenson are in his ward and he said they are "like my grandparents in the mission".  He loves seeing them each week.

2. The São Paulo West mission has many "city zones" and a few "country zones".  Elder Jacobsen has only served in the city zones in the 1 year he has been serving.

3.Brazilians celebrate "the Eve of Christmas" with parties, presents, and more.  Christmas day is just a day to relax in your home.  They celebrate with many of the same things we do, Christmas trees, etc. but the majority of the people use the holiday as just another excuse to party.

4. Many people in the city don't like Mormons or Americans so this has made work difficult for two white mormon boys from the USA to get close to many people.

HAPPY Beginning to our Christmas celebration.  When Jace was given the nod to end the call, he merely said, Merry Christmas, Love you all and then he was gone!  WoW!!

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