Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feliz Natal Sao Paulo Oeste

So this week was pretty darn good.  We had a good time at the party of the mission. The party of Natal was absolutely amazing. The park we went to is the park of the church in the country side of Sao Paulo, a little different than my current area But it was awesome to see all my buddies from the CTM and just hang out, play soccer, volleyball.  

We showed the movie that I was the "Grande Ammon" haha the people loved it!  I am just saying... :)

Then we sang the song of the mission, which is kind of awesome. I will do my best to record the next time we sing it.   And then we (i am not sure exactly how this happened) but we did a mosh pit around the president and sister, and everyone was going crazy, it was awesome, but a little different than the mission life. ;) hahaha   Needless to say after a long day of waking up at 5, and returning at 10:30 we crashed hard and didn't have the wish to wake up the next day.
Friends from the MTC - Elder Kendall and Elder Davies

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