Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Week of NATAL!

So as you may have heard this week was Christmas, but as far as I know, Christmas really won’t happen for another 2 years. It didn't feel like Christmas at all, other than I got to chat with the fam, which was beyond incredible :) Thanks for everyone that came out, and for the support.  The call made me happy.

So Christmas Eve was great.  We passed the Christmas night of Eve, what the people here call Christmas, they open presents and everything on the 24th and the 25th is just a chill day in casa.  So we were with the entire zone almost, and it was very good.  We sang and we ate and then we went home. And all was well for the Christmas day.  On Christmas I opened my stocking, and present.  Thank you so much family. And thank you so so much Grandma Van Leeuwen the present was perfect :) 

The day of Natal, we were in casa until we left for lunch and I guess I called home for a little and that was really good :) Then we ate and then we went to the house of another member (I am trying for you mom to send more pictures of the outside world :) hope you like them :) 

Favorite Gift from Best Friend...Matt

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