Friday, February 20, 2015

6 MONTH Milestone

Wowzers, I guess that 1/4 of the mish já era. It is a little sad, but good to know I have a lot more time. 

The week here is Morumbi was fabulous. We started off our week with a little ping pong, it is always good to know that ping pong is still going well after taking a little break :) haha 

As for the celebration for 6 months, it was celebrated in good ol' missionary style, with a burnt tie, and i bet you can guess!!!! PIZZA!!!!!! ahahah :) yeah!!!! Life is good in the mission :) 

Other news that is random:
I heard American Authors playing in a Bar that we passed, I thought "What is this killer music?" and realized who is was ;) wow, I miss music…..

We started to do Insanity the work out program last Monday, (I have to lose some LBs :) haha 

and I saw a baby with 12 fingers :) bem-vindo ao Brasil !!! :) 

Elder Iverson aka Jace? haha :) 

yes thanks I think that that will be the weirdest thing when I get home, being called Jace? like thats not my name? haha ;) 

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