Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Batismo :)

I guess you guys heard that we had a baptism or something this week, I won’t spend much time talking about that, but it was good....

I love how Lourdes is also doing Jace's signature "thumb's up"!  So cute!

 haha brincadeira :) 

The baptism of Lourdes was a great, great day. We changed the plans a lot. Elder Contigiacomo left for home on Thursday, and he wanted to see the baptism, and Lourdes wanted Elder Cont to see, so we changed the date to Wednesday. Which meant that P-day we had to sacrifice a little of our time and go to the interview. Elder Gonçalves interviewed her and all was 110% perfect. She is incredible. So the interview was Monday and all was good for Wed. Wed, we filled the font, and then had a lesson with Lourdes in the chapel before the baptism. We talked about the temple and the chance she has to be baptized for her mom and grandmothers. She was very touched and I hope and will work hard so it happens, to take her to the temple and do baptisms for her mom and gmas :) But the lesson was good, we prepared everything for the baptism that would start at 7:30, well that was the planned time. We had not a lot of people show up to the baptism at that time, including Bishop and the WML, ward mission leader, or here LMA. So we were only stressing a lot, and I was pacing and was a little stressful. Actually it is funny, because I thought to myself, tonight you won't even remember the stress before, so just leave it,
And I couldn't.... So we waited and waited and everyone was a little annsy* (I am losing my ability to spell in English, not that it was good before;) But everything was good, bishop showed up at like 8:10, and we changed into the whites. It is always good to dress in the whites for the baptisms and take the bathroom selfies before the dunk;) haha….So we started the ceremony. and all was very good, the baptism was a success. We had a double taker, with the foot being the culprit;) but the spirit was very strong at the baptism. We changed and the missionaries -the six of us- sang. We had Lourdes say the closing prayer (you could feel the spirit so strong as she gave a testimony in her prayer), and we ate some good food :) 

The family that we took a picture with is a darling family in our ward Carvalho. They are very supportive of everything we do, and help us a lot with the work here. Then it was a goodbye to my good friend Elder Contigiacomo, he is now at home.  It was a good time that we had to get to know each other. Then we ran on home, because it was a little late. 
Elder Corrêa, Elder Iverson, Elder Contigiacomo (left to right)

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