Saturday, February 21, 2015

Much Love Grandpa Fitz

Today I received the news of Gpa Fitzpatrick's passing. Truly was saddening to me that our dear Grandpa, Father, and friend left this life. But it is a comforting fact that we have the knowledge that Gpa is in good hands. Now he is learning a lot, and in one years time the family will get the chance to be baptized for him. The Joy on that day in one year will be incomprehensible! (sorry for the lack of grammar). Know that he is being taken care of :) 
Much love Grandpa :) 

Grandpa Fitzpatrick and Shawn 1974

Send, my love and care to Aunt Linda, Grma Mil, Jamie and all the Phippens, and Andrew.

It is a very sad thing, Grandpa was always a guy to bring a smile to my face and the face of everyone else. He didn't accept the gospel in this life, but he ALWAYS supported us. He is a great man, and the spirit world gained a man of much love. In one years time his baptism will start his eternal progress. Remember everyone to do all the things necessary that we can see Grandpa again. He is in good hands. Much Love Grandpa, until we meet again. Elder Iverson

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