Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Lord's Hand

Tuesday February 24th as McKay Parish was leaving his meetings at the church offices in São Paulo Brazil, he and his team members saw two young LDS missionaries walking near the temple.  Mckay, thought he recognized one of the young men as, "Porter's older brother" and so he instinctive yelled out, "Iverson".  As Elder Iverson heard his name in English, he turned around in amazement to find a familiar face in Mr. Parish.  The Parish family lives in Plain City and their oldest son, Carter is a friend of Porters, Elder Iverson's little brother. Although Mckay didn't know Jace very well.  He was inspired to call out to him. 

They visited for a short time and then Elder Iverson had to excuse himself to go to an appointment.  As the two missionaries left, McKay was left feeling like he should have gone with them and should have asked more questions.  

He walked into the church building on the same property and asked where he could find Elder Iverson.  The members he spoke to all spoke so highly of Elder Iverson.  Many commented on the hard work he has put into their area and ward.  They said it was because of his influence that the area of Morumbi has begun to have success in the work and baptisms.  They told him that he may be able to catch him tomorrow at the zone meeting in the church house.

When McKay showed up the next morning, he was disappointed that Elder Iverson was not there.  He left to attend his meetings at the office building next door.  A bit later, there was a knock on his meeting room door.  A member had come to tell him that Elder Iverson was now at the church house. McKay was happy to be able to spend some more time talking with Elder Iverson.  When they met up, Jace asked McKay if he knew Portuguese and of course he did.  He had served an LDS mission in Brazil some years back.  The two of them spoke Portuguese from then on.  McKay thought that Elder Iverson's use of the language was terrific for the short time he'd been in Brazil.   McKay's report was that Jace was so happy and doing so well.  He had many, many friends and was a leader in the area.  Mckay asked if there was anything he could do for Elder Iverson.  At this invitation, Elder Iverson was eager to have him bring home a small package he had been planning to mail home the next week. 

The package was in our hands 48 hours later.  Elder Iverson has never sent a package home, but his letters take over 8 weeks to get to us.  This meeting was such a blessing to all involved.  The Lord knows us and knows how to show us his love and his concern for each of his children.  What a wonderful reminder that we are known and loved and cared for by a Loving Heavenly Father. 

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