Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Week's Work

Elder Corrêa, Maria & Elder Iverson
Now to our other investigators. Maria and Guilherme. They are doing very very well, and will be baptized, just a little later than we were planning. The only hold up is that we haven't taught everything, and with work starting again (we are in a holiday here Carlinval) it is only Sat, and Dom to teach them. But we had the great time to take Maria to the garden of the temple. Here the mom of the darling family (Ilizane) helped us teach Maria. We wanted to enter the waiting room, but the temple already closed. We made the best of what we had and shared a great lesson. We told her that her baptism will be on the 28th. She could feel the truthfulness and so she accepted, Her big hold up was coffee. But on Sun she told us that she will try her best to stop. And she will, she already has stopped for a few days. She substituted with a great thing: chá :)  

Maria & Llizane

For the contacts of the week. We had a crazy lady with a knife (it was quite large I will add) and the strangest arrangement of teeth that I have ever seen. She only had teeth on the top, but also only on one side of her mouth!!! and we started a contact with her and she said a few things that made me angry, and it is a heck of a good thing that we are missionaries and have to love everybody :) haha jk, she said that we are little babies to her, and that we didn't know how to cite her Catholic prayer, and that she knew Jesus more than us, and it was all fun, We ended with a nice "It was a pleasure tchau " :) 

We had another Catholic church member this week tell us that she didn't like our church because the Catholic church was easier, more liberal, and was easier to follow with her style of life . Maybe one day people will realize.

This week we fabulous, and the next will be also. I am praying for you all, and hope that you are finding the love of God in your lives, because He is helping, much more that you want to give him credit.

Com muito amor meus queridos 
Elder Iverson

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