Saturday, February 21, 2015

Strength in Morumbi

We are preparing this Saturday for a day the Morumbi hasn't seen for a long long time. The baptisms of 5 wonderful people will be performed on Sat.: Maria, Guilherme, Russel and investigators of the other missionaries in our ward, Thaina and Silvana. That is going to be a day that goes in the record books my friends.

 For a detailed scoop on the peps. Maria and Guilherme are the mother and son that we have been teaching, the first time that I and Elder Corrêa visited her, she said that the Lord was preparing other ministries for her. I invited her, with a promise that if she went to church the next day that she would receive an answer that this is the church of Jesus Christ. That this church has everything that you need to arrive at the throne of God prepared. That doesn't mean life is easy, but it gives you vision, and purpose, and with vision, purpose, and a determination to get there, The Church can help you, and me, and everyone in the world, we just need to put it to the test. Search the Book of Mormon, go to church, and pray. It doesn't matter if you think, believe, or know the Book of Mormon is true or even if you don't. If you want to know, and I mean really know, PRAY, GOD DOESN'T LIE.  And He doesn't let his children with a sincere desire walk the wrong path. So everyone do the things necessary. 

We had the chance to teach Lourdes (we teach all the recent converts again) we started with talking about questions she had, and then we got into the D&C. It was a good chat and all went well. She is so excited to start paying tithing? wow? are we like that? do you have the desire to pay tithing, and not only that are we happy, and wanting to pay? I know that before the mission I just paid, because I knew it was right, I wasn't sad or mad, but I wasn't happy either? 

A personal testimony that I am gaining is that when we live the commandments and understand why we are doing them, we will be blessed :) 

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