Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goodbye to a Great Friend... Hello New Friends

Missionary Wall Art!

"The Best Missionaries lived in this house from November 12 to February 2, 2015.  
Elders Barros, Dohnal, Iverson, Jacobson."

Good-byes are hard to say!  Elder Jacobson & Elder Barros are moving on and we will miss them. Elder Jacobson has been a GREAT friend, excellent trainer, and amazing missionary.


And so it begins. The 4th trasferencia here in Morumbi. And as you will from the pictures, Elder Iverson received a new comp. Elder Corrêa :) He is a stud. He has 10 months on his mission, and he is from Pananá a state that is just under São Paulo. He is a crazy good cook, and he will teach me to make some good food. He also brought some tea, that I have fallen in love with. I don’t know what it is about Brasil, but I have started to like weird herbal drinks ;) haha He has a sincere heart, and always is kind. He is a little more timid that Elder Jacobson, but that is alright. He is great teacher, and loves musica. I wont lie, he took me by surprise when we were walking in the street and started to sing "I Wont Give Up" by Jason Maraz, I was like "Woah dawg, what is that?" and he loves that song, so he is pretty sweet if I do say so my self :) He reminds me a lot of Jake Jones, minus the fact that Jake speaks English, and Corrêa speaks Port, but we are working on the English with him. Last Night we had a lesson on prayer. And he was able to say a prayer in English. So we will leave this companionship with him speaking English and me speaking Port better. 

haha and clearly to celebrate a new transferencia we bought pizza :) 

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