Friday, February 13, 2015

Learning from Elder Corrêa

So.... we had an excellent week this week. To start, Elder Corrêa and I are already best buds....He is teaching me a lot of stuff. For one, cooking.  This kid is a master chef!! He makes stuff, and I was like very good, very good and I threw in a little of my own creation. He made the crepe and I was like have a little dash of Iverson creativity, and what do you get? A Resses Ice Cream Burrito :) Lets just say, it was delicious, but very very messy :) 

But for a more serious note, E Corrêa is a killer young man.  The biggest thing that he is teaching me right now is the power of prayer :) I have never felt or heard anyone pray like Elder Corrêa prays, his sincere nature of communicating with God is literally touching every single time. I am sometimes speechless after he stops praying and it is amazing. 


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