Saturday, February 7, 2015

Baptism Party

On Friday we had a lesson with Lourdes. She was the lady that came to church this Sunday the 25th, and asked "What can I do to affiliate myself with this church?" aka "Baptize me" :) so of Friday we had the chance to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel, she loved it!!!! and we taught with the spirit, and we talked to her about what this means. So then we talked about baptism, and she said yes!!!!! 

She told us a story that she smoked a lot when she was younger, and three years ago she stopped cold turkey. And you could just tell that she realized that the Lord is preparing her to be baptized. She will be baptized on the 14th :) We invited her to a FHE in the house of Filipe, a member in our ward, and she said yes. We also called Maria and Guilherme, whose picture you see with Ana Maria. The investigators are Guilherme, and on his side his mom Maria. Friday we called around and planned this FHE and everything worked out more than I thought it would :) 

We picked up Maria and Guilherme and walked to the top of our area to the house of Filipe. And we had a FHE. This was one of the best things we could have done. Our Ward Mission Leader was there, and he was awesome. We played the Testimony Game, which is simply a game that you have three items, and you have to choose one to take out of your life completely. Then I would put another thing down and they choose again. Until we arrive at one thing :) and it always starts with things like cars, cellphones, tv, and movies to things like family, priesthood, and finally testimony. Normally everyone chooses testimony as most important, and then we (the missionaries) share our testimonies. But this time we did something a little different. I asked everyone to bear a simple testimony about the feelings they had. It was so amazing, Maria started to cry and the spirit was so strong. I finished with my testimony, and confirmed that this is the only church that has the means to have our families be together forever. It was so awesome, and the only thing that Jonathon our Ward Mission Leader just said was  "WOW" :) 

And then we ate, and while we were eating Lourdes told me something that made my mission "You guys told me to pray for an answer, and I prayed, and I was looking at some talks of the prophet, and I read it, and nothing has been a more clear answer for me." YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) wow, that was incredible ...... so needless to say, Lourdes is ready for her baptism :) and she is so ready, that she went and picked up our other investigators :) haha how awesome is she!!!!! 

Sunday was good, we had Maria, Guilherme, and Lourdes at the church. Elders quorum was kind of a bust, it was a training, and really boring for an investigator. But the day after the church was great. We taught Maria and Guilherme again with Irmã Ana Maria. And we also challenged them to be baptized. They also accepted, and so on the 14th Morumbi will have a baptism party :)

Ana Maria, Maria & Guilherme with Elder Jacobson and Elder Iverson

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