Monday, February 9, 2015

The Lord Prepares His Peoples

News of the week, Lourdes, she is going to be baptized on Wednesday by yours truly. We had a little change of plans because Elder Contigiacomo is leaving Thursday, and he wanted to see the baptism of Lourdes, so we moved it to Wednesday. A quick story about Irmã Lourdes. She is divorced with one daughter.  She lives with her dad, Italian. (PS, she speaks Italian and English) She is single handedly the most prepared person I have yet met. We taught her three times, the Plan of Salvation the first time, and then the Restoration (with the invite to be baptized) she received her answer the next day, and we taught her Friday, all of the commandments. She drank coffee and a little wine, but she said that she would stop cold turkey. And that tithing, she isn't working but she wants to find a job so that she can pay tithing! She wants a calling already, and loves Thomas S Monson. She is truly an elect person that God was preparing for us :) 

In other news Maria and Guilherme are going well. We learned that Guilherme samples wine for his job, and that will be a little difficult, but not impossible, and Maria thinks that she should wait, but that didn’t stop them from coming to church yesterday, and a FHE with Irmã Roseli Olivera. Let me just tell you about this FHE, there is a picture of the squad starting from the bottom left in the foto that we are eating around the table.  We have Guilherme, Rafael (son of Roseli), Roseli, Nair, the mother of a less active member in our ward(not member), Maria, Lourdes, and Elder Sales :) This FHE was perfect, the ladies (they don’t change, here they still are able to talk 3 conversations, and understand everything) they bonded and so did Rafael and Guilherme :) it is so neat to see the friendships that are forming, and the progress that people are making. 

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